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We at KOSH believe that the foundation of a happy child and a joyous family lies in the bonding shared between the parents & their child and that this connection must be nurtured right from the childhood itself. KOSH creates a world where every parent-child bond can prosper and achieve the finest, happiest children!
Mindful Parenting

Kosh envisages to create a happy & mindful future generation by enabling stronger parent-child bond.

Our Mission is to Support Families worldwide in Strengthening the Parent Child Connection by empowering the Parents with the tools, Short Term and Long-Term Guidance. Well-equipped parents raise happy children!

Our services at KOSH create value for everyone — children, parents, family, society and future generations.
Kosh has been paving a way towards mindful parenting for both at-home parents and corporate personnel. Our widespread services include personalized one-to-one counselling/coaching sessions by experts, masterclasses on various themes, corporate workshops, and by hosting webinars & events. We can cater to specific parenting needs and provide a 24/7 support to parents!

Our numerous videos & articles on parenting by world-class experts and the best-in-class library on parenting would definitely be a value-add to parents. We impart ways on how to harness these tools in real-time so that parents rise above their day-to-day challenges and are able to nurture their children in the best possible environment.

We are a value-based organization with a mission to transform today’s stress-based parenting to resilience-based parenting in as many families as possible.

Children are the future of our planet; let’s provide our children with a legacy which they can carry with them forever!
Mindful Parenting