Conscious Parenting – in a nutshell

Definition – Parenting is about connection! The foundation of conscious parenting begins with connection with our own authentic self! The child is only triggering the inner child wound within us. If we heal our own wounds before taking the sacred art of parenting, we will acknowledge the child and his presence in our life in the most authentic way.

For example- Parents usually say my child doesn’t listen to me! This is something to do with your inner child hasn’t been heard! Its important to be aware of what’s happening within us, it’s about how our childhood has been and it’s important to heal those wounds first and then there is an autocorrection in your parenting that happens. And then you start responding rather than reacting.

Signs of doubting, signs of friction or over reaction, is also another example that shows insecurity! If you are finding parenting difficult that is another sign that there are some underlying beliefs of the past and inner wounds that hasn’t been healed yet. It is also about parents have strong belief systems that our child “should be in certain way” Once you work on the inner work, which means mothering your inner child and doing a huge work on it by going deep within, finding out the triggers/egos/patterns/belief systems, sitting with it, attending them by just being aware, and enlarging your transcendent self through deep communication with your inner child.

Hence conscious parenting is about parenting yourself first before parenting your child! Conscious Parenting is about being aware and mindful in all your interactions with your child. This needs huge awakening and inner work which will help us to connect with our child in a much deeper way.

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