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Daily morning ritual with your child to increase your bond!

How as adults we long to start our day as a perfect morning! I personally aim for a morning where I am out of my bed by 5.30 am, do my breathing exercises, and my meditation and then I am ready for the day – confident & calm to handle whatever the day throws up. 

Have you pondered how must be an ideal morning for your child? Let’s understand how we can create positive mornings for our kids. A particular study shows that positive morning rituals improve an individual’s efficiency throughout the day by 31 per cent.

Listed below are a few practices which you could inculcate to make a happy start for your kids. These can be practised right from toddler stage up to teenage stage. But, do take care that your kid had a good amount of quality sleep during night. All these can be done with your child while he is still in the bed, even half-asleep, as the child’s subconscious mind shall create magic!

1. Wake up your child gently, hug & snuggle your child, and let the touch therapy play its part! Hugging creates a wave of security & trust in your child; both of you experience increased bonding & connection with each other. It definitely releases oxytocin and an increased sense of well-being.
2. Read aloud the child’s ‘Positive Self-talk’ – help your child prepare a few sentences on positive self-talk; it goes a long way in boosting their self-esteem. My 9-year-old son has written a few ones – “I am a leader today”; “I believe in my abilities”; “Today will be an awesome day”. I read them aloud as a part of our positive morning ritual. I do see my son smiling hearing these sentences even if he is half asleep.
3. Habits – Reiterate healthy habits which your child has decided for himself. Read them aloud too. Few healthy habits my son has written are, “Table manners”; “Cleaning up the mess”; “Say PLEASE and THANKYOU often”.
4. Remind your child of his goals / passion areas – read aloud your child’s passion interest and goals which you both have jointly shaped. Read it in a way which is like an affirmation. My son’s are – “I play awesome football”; “I am the best keyboard player”; “I am a world-class chef”.
5. Finally, a poem / proverb /jingle – Something that is your child’s favourite and which makes him jump out of the bed ready to face the day in the most positive way!

I have personally stuck these sheets of paper near my son’s bed which makes it easy for me to read. These practices shall not only set the tone for your child to lead a beautiful life but shall also take your bonding with your child to greater heights. 

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