Eye-contact with your child to increase your bond!

Have you ever wondered how could a simple habit of maintaining an eye-contact with your child could increase your bond with your child?? Yes, you heard us correct.

Research says that 30 minutes per day of quality time spend consistently with your child can enable you to relish a strong bond with your child to last for a lifetime. And making an eye contact each time you have a conversation with your child definitely is one of those moments of high quality time. Research also says that looking into the eye releases oxytocin, which strengthens the bond between you and your child.

This practice can be started as soon as your new born comes into your arms for the very first time. Playing with your child, making gestures, speaking, singing to your child during their infant stages will help you bond very well with your baby, you shall also reinforce the concept of trust in them. Infants learn to recognize people, learn to link the jigsaw puzzle pieces together to comprehend things around them. An eye contact with their parents shall make your infant feel very secure.

This habit of maintaining eye contact with your child must be practiced at every stages of parenthood and must become a way of life. As a toddler, encourage your child to make an eye contact with you whenever the toddler needs anything, asks for food /toy or about anything else. Your toddler shall learn to respect people, shall speak the truth and will immensely grow in his social skills.

During the entire childhood, do continue this with your pre-schoolers, pre-teens and teenagers to reinforce your undivided attention, your unconditional love and your patience to hear them out without you being non-judgemental. Your child shall consider you your best friend & confidant. This small habit will go a long way in developing a very strong connection with your child who would by then have grown into a young adult!

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