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How Parents Can Manage Sibling Relationships – Infographic

Parents can significantly influence the strength of the sibling bond and minimize sibling rivalry and conflict. By promoting activities that require teamwork, ensuring kids enjoy each other’s company, and teaching kids how to productively manage disagreements, parents can help siblings build a lasting relationship.

The benefits of positive sibling relationships are many, including support, friendship, and connection. Research shows that sibling relationships can increase sympathy, which can in turn foster other prosocial behaviors like helping and sharing. In fostering the sibling relationship, parents teach young children to show empathy and compassion for others.

Having a strong relationship with each of your children is the most important factor in helping them get along. When each child knows that there is more than enough for them, no matter what their sibling gets, sibling love has a chance to bloom. Taking the time to help your children navigate their relationships with each other will pay dividends in less fighting, better communication, and healthier relationships in adulthood.

An Infographic by Kosh Wellness Team on the Topic - How Parents Can Foster Positive Sibling Relationships?

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