Life’s Treasures for Children

Haven’t we all parents gone through pre-birthday stress of what to fetch for their child for their best day. We often tend to bring the best of things in life for them but what if we give them the best of ‘life’? They’ll then grow up to be better, wiser and more responsible adults.

What if we present them with compassion. Let’s just agree that life isn’t always on the up and up, but our children should know when it’s on the down, it’s in their capacity to be able to fix it. If they got rebuked by the teacher for helping a friend in dire need, they aren’t in the wrong, only the time wasn’t in their favour. And they can always try to explain their part, when matters cool down.

We also believe that challenging and affirming are two life’s best mantras to be the world’s best parents, trust me. When you challenge kids with tasks above and beyond the strength of their will and affirm that you believe in them, you’ll be appalled by what they can actually achieve.

Never say never. Sometimes, you might wonder why kids are the happiest with their grandparents more often than their parents. The answer is simple, when we set a limit on these little wonders to dream, think or act, when all they want to do is fly high and explore the sky, they aren’t liking your strings, which grandparents often let loose. We must learn to make room for them to ask and make mistakes and be inquisitive and that’s when they feel the world’s their oyster.

Next on our list is something that is the most important life rule. As parents, with the world’s changing ways, it’s always vital to keep our flexes’ game strong, but at the same time it’s also paramount to do what brings your family together. So no matter how technologically addicted everyone might be, it’s cardinal to spend family time together without any social media interference. So keep at least few hours of the day together, sitting by talking about life together, just you and the kids.

Moreover, children learn from what they see and not how you guide them. So if you teach your kids not to lie, but you do the same, they would follow you, not your words. So, it’s vital that we gift them a role model, an exemplary in the form of a parent and not some pseudo-philosophical guide.

Lastly, it’s of great value for our kids to feel the warmth and care from their parents no matter how old they grow up to be. It’s always nice to let them sleep on your lap, hug you and to make them feel they can shed their weight of stress right there in your arms.

Now, an iconic play station or a wonder toy might seem more alluring to the child so do treat them with a gift but greet them with something they would treasure for a lifetime.

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