Role of parents in kids behaviour

There is no second thought to the fact that parents are the biggest influencer in a child’s life. The role of parents in their kid’s behaviour is enormous, parents are the first people who are able to mould their child’s behaviour, as majority behaviours are first learned at home. Parental impact on the character development of a child is the highest. Children model their parent’s behaviour.

At least upto 6years, for every child their parents / primary care givers are their world! Parents are a child’s hero! Since parents are GOD alike, who cannot go wrong anywhere, children tend to role model them. Even if mom or dad are carrying out inappropriate behaviour, it is the correct and the most appropriate in the child’s eye.

Haven’t we heard these famous lines by Shiv Khera – “Don’t worry that your children are not listening to you…Worry that your children are watching you!”. These lines are thought-provoking and are enough to send goose-bumps to us, mindful parents.

Mindful parents are conscious of being a perfect role-model to their child. They are conscious of their own behaviour. Not only they mindfully explain to their children the desirable behaviours, repercussions of negative behaviours, but they also walk the talk in their own daily routines. Because they know their kids are always watching them!

“Kids, limit your screen time…..always speak the truth no matter what….be respectful to the elders, spend time learning new things.” are some of the precious wisdom mindful parents pass on to their kids. No doubt they themselves follow what they preach.

However, at times, we as parents are unable to practice what we personally preach. How do we handle this situation? Hide it from the children? Put the matter under the covers? Do not confront and then unable to see eye-to-eye with our child? NO.. we need to mindfully confront this to our kids. Let us admit it. Explain to your child the reasons you couldn’t keep up to the promises. Help them understand your limitations.

Let’s consider a scenario, you explain to your kids the importance of a limited screen time especially during the weekends. And there you go! Sitting in front of your laptop for a massive 6 hours at a stretch. Your kids are watching you, may be, they do not voice their concern. What must a mindful parent do?

Have a discussion with your kids. Firstly, apologise for breaking the rules of the house. Let your kids know that you were aware past 6 hours of the overshooting screen time. You had constraints, things were out of control, you had to attend your corporate online meetings due to emergencies. Your company’s delegates were in town. Show your kids your work calendar. Let them realize that even though you were unable to walk the talk, you are still honest about it. Kids will always look up to their parents as their first role-models and you must make sure that you are always impacting their behaviour in the most positive manner possible. This will go a long way in shaping them into happy & successful adults.

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