Sibling Relationships

A well-placed couple, wished to start a family after two years of marriage. Lucky they were, when things went just as planned and, soon made a very pretty picture of the family of four. Two happy healthy adults and two beaming cheerful children. Soon, within few years their home was a picture-perfect place!! Their teenage son, a lanky boy, with a semblance of a beard sprouting on his jaunt chin and she – their teenage daughter into a dainty girl stocking up on cosmetics on every shopping trip.

The parents gave them the best of everything; kids went to one of the best schools in the city and were well groomed kids.

Things were a breeze when the kids were growing up, but very soon the dynamics of sibling relationship started changing.  

The mom was a little more than surprised, when her daughter sneaked up behind her in the kitchen and whispered that her brother has been watching porn. What she did not know was the fact that the siblings had had a fight the previous night. She tried to keep a calm demeanour, turned around and asked her daughter “How do you know?” I have my sources Mum was the tart reply.

The couple had to spend a little on device upgrades now and then. That was alright but they were also spending time wondering how to or how much to step in when they had their sibling clashes. Being the younger of the two, the girl did hog a little more attention, but, as a couple, they ensured that the two got all that they needed.

In a space crunched city, they were wondering if they were providing little less space for the growing teenagers. Afterall if they had space to themselves, she may never have discovered, isn’t it a part of growing up for a teenage boy, such were their discussions and were getting more frequent. The other day he had complained about she using his razors. So, how should the couple handle this? They had to do something about such issues. Exactly how should they sort these? Accost them, nudge them, bring it up by asking them him for a “talk”, just how?

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