Why You Need to Practice Positive Parenting – Infographic

Positive parenting is based on the premise that children are born good and with the desire to do the right thing. It emphasizes the importance of mutual respect and using positive ways to discipline. The positive parenting approaches focus on teaching proper future behavior instead of punishing past misbehavior.

There are three key components to positive parenting:

1.Establishing rules and consequences, and following through consistently
2.Helping children internalize discipline, so they develop self-discipline
3.Using active listening to understand children’s thoughts, so you can correct any misunderstandings

Positive parenting starts with setting a good example for your children. Parents who themselves display positive behavior are more likely to see their offspring doing the same.

Enrich your efforts in Positive Parenting using these points:

1.Being consistent in your parenting
2.Creating a supportive and nurturing environment
3Learning about child development
4.Keeping in mind that your goal as a parent is to raise a healthy and well-adjusted adult.

If you commit to positive parenting techniques, you will likely see positive results in your children.

Why You Need to Practice Positive Parenting

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