Karen Wagnon


17 Years
English, Hindi

Founder Teaching Our Youth. Karen's first book, "My Three and Me, A Journey in Parenting by Design", clearly defines and explains the four personality types in the DISC Model of Human Behavior. This useful guide for parents and educators that will provide anyone who works with children the necessary tools to identify common traits and apply skills to achieve positive results when working with youth. Karen's parenting program, The Parenting Blueprint, A Plan to Parent by Design, takes parents on a journey to transform their parenting from chaos to confidence. Using the understanding of personalities as the foundation of The Parenting Blueprint, this self paced 6 week course includes 3 months coaching to ensure the successful transformation of your parenting style!
As a Certified Human Behavior Consultant and Master Trainer through the Insights Institute in Atlanta, GA, Karen Wagnon founded Teaching Our Youth, a staff and professional development group, in 2004. Her motivation and drive is to empower and equip educators and parents with the tools to improve communication, increase productivity, and reduce stress and conflict in our relationships.