Nidhie Navander


15 Years
English, Hindi

Dr Nidhie Navander is a Child, adolescent & Rehabilitation Psychologist.She has been practicing as psychologist since 2006. A hardcore believer in psychology she has inculcates whatever she learns in her life and has a fantastic hands on experience with her two amazing daughters.
Nidhie has done her PhD in Parenting Rehabilitation psychology From Delhi
NET/SET Qualified
MSc Human development (Nagpur)
Her Designation – Child, Developmental and Rehabilitation Psychologist
Having developed her own course where children are trained in developing life skills along with regular Parenting workshops she has made a big difference in more than 7000 lives.
With more than 3000 cases and more than 120 seminars She has covered more than 10 cities like Delhi, Nagpur, Akola, Pune, Jalna, and many more.
She has also represented Aurangabad in more International Conferences on various topics – parenting, time management and leadership
She has formed a company called Higher Quotients- to develop IQ, EQ and SQ in children. Of course I can – is a program for academic and behaviour development.