Kosh Journey Kosh Journey
Priya Dharod (Founder)
Kosh is the brainchild of Ms. Priya Dharod and Ms. Swati Sinha, two very passionate & awakened mothers who strive to make each day better for their kids. Their journey as mothers has undoubtedly been a roller-coaster ride some days; still the parenting spark they hold, shall never fade away! Priya and Swati together guide Kosh and their partner parents for a successful parenting journey.

Besides being the founder of Kosh Wellness, Priya has a certification in Counselling & Psychology, is a Human Resource professional & has authored the book ‘Mind Your Emotions’. Priya is mom to two lovely boys, 14 and 10 YO. Swati’s personal experience of raising a 12 YO coupled with certification in CPMCP Program, Cohort 4, The Conscious Parenting Institute by Dr. Shefali Tsabary, has been her guiding force, which has helped her bring out a meaningful impact on families and children alike. Swati is also one of the first three people in India to have CPMCP - Conscious Parenting certification under Dr.Shefali Tsabary's direct guidance.


The onset of pandemic 2020 brought the entire country in complete lockdown, which meant parents had more time with their kids and had to tackle many more parenting challenges than usual. Handling children’s anxiety, and stress of online classes and increased screen time, maintaining a healthy routine for them, their tantrums, keeping them busy and occupied indoors were amongst the many challenges brought to light by the parents.
The struggle of keeping up with her 14 YO son’s physical and emotional behavioural changes, along with her 10 YO’s constant exposure to screens, made Priya realise how these aspects must be handled in a mindful way! She could feel a gap in the bonding and could comprehend that she needed some support. That is when she reached out to Swati, not only the closest friend of 20 years but also a great parenting enthusiast!

That’s how long discussions started between Priya & Swati; 3-months long discussion took place over the kind of challenges parents face and the probable hand-holding, support & education that is readily available to parents. These 2 friends decided to get together to address these kinds of similar issues keeping in mind the philosophy of Conscious Parenting. They both felt a dire need to transform families by touching the lives of children. Thus, Kosh was born!

Kosh is on a mission to help parents address the challenges they face while upbringing their children and bridge the gap between traditional Indian parents' mindset and the upcoming generation's way of life, as the transformational guide for parents with pre-natal to teenage kids.

The team’s long-term vision is to see Kosh as an active global revolutionary player in the field of parenting. They envision Kosh as a platform where the world’s best parenting experts/coaches come together. Parents must invariably come to Kosh for any support they seek. They aim to transform the way parent’s bond with their kids.
Swati Sinha (Advisor)