Journals are powerful mediums by which children develop their emotional intelligence as they understand & write their emotions and express their deepest feelings, be it of happiness & joy or challenging emotions of fear, anxiety, anger, sadness, and difficulties. Writing this by hand not only provides them a space for this emotional release but also helps them build their writing skills, creativity, concentration and serves as a self-reflective tool.

If started from an early age, children can also be better at organizing & planning skills. For tweens and teens, journals shall serve as their best friend, as this will enable them to be themselves, provide them with a safe space without being judged by anyone. Journals would be a lifelong childhood treasure for every child!

These wide-ranged journals are colorful, fun, engaging, and supportive, they are for various age groups starting from 4 years. Each journal is designed as a growth mindset tool for children. Parents may decide together with their children which journal would work the best for them.

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